Our day to day lives are intertwined with the culture and language of the foriegn lands what we now call home. Despite these inevitable changes Tamil organisations across Europe keep us rooted in our culture and traditions. These organisations give us a platform to nurture and nourish our culture and a chance to practise our traditions and to pass on our values to our next generations.

For the very first time these organizations across Europe have come forward to form an union of unions, Europe Tamilargal, a not-for-profit Federation. As it is evident that our language and culture has prevailed for centuries, so is our determination to achieve the goal of uniting Tamils across Europe.

Europe Tamilargal


To exist as an independent non-profitable organization providing an united voice to the Tamil Diaspora in Europe and promote our Tamil Language, Culture and Heritage.


  • Unite and foster friendship among all Tamil Organisations in Europe.
  • Act on charitable causes that concern Tamil Diaspora, Language and Culture across the globe.
  • Organise activities that promote Tamil Language, Culture and Heritage.

Who can join?

All not-for-profit organisations (registered/unregistered) that principally work with Tamil Diaspora can become members of Europe Tamilargal. Your organisation shall formally identify with a community of Tamil people within Europe.

How to join?

Please fill in the registration form with the below link to join Europe Tamilargal.

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