Extension of “Save Cologne Tamil Studies” fundraising campaign

Europe Tamilargal announces the extension of fundraising campaign “Save Cologne Tamil Studies”


Germany: Europe Tamilargal team would like to thank all the donors who have contributed so far to the campaign. We are happy to inform you that your contributions have made a big difference to help extend the deadline of the campaign.

The initial goal of the campaign was to collect €137500 by the end of March 2021. With tremendous effort and time from all our volunteers and the good-heartedness of our donors, we have collected €19285.50 as of 31 March 2021.

With the collected donations and with the expected contributions from Tamil organizations across the globe, we have managed to buy more time to collect the rest of the funds required to sustain this lectureship position until May 2022. Therefore, we have now extended our campaign until 31 July 2021.

There has also been progress on the subject of reaching out to the Tamil Nadu Govt. for securing the funds. Due to the regulations that are in place because of the upcoming 2021 legislative assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, further action is on hold. We will continue working with the Govt. of Tamil Nadu after the election.

For a long-term solution, we intend to have a discussion with the university in the coming months to discuss the available options. We have also reached out to CGI Frankfurt who showed great interest in our cause and helped us reach out to various central government departments such as the Ministry of external affairs, HR, and ICCR.

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